Technical support & FAQ

How do I enter my own words ?

In the App, after choosing one of the four players, you get a top page. Spot the rectangular button labeled "My own word list". Touch it to get to a screen of ten words you can edit.

To play them, simply touch the words as in other screens. To edit them, touch the top label "My own word list" or the pencil icon. The keyboard and a textfield will appear.

You can enter your words as you like; separated by commas, tabs or line returns.

WARNING: to save your words, you must touch the flashing "return" button. Otherwise your changes will be lost.

Can I change the name of a player ?

Yes : touch the label "Player N" underlined with dots in the main screen of a player. The keyboard and a textfield will appear.
WARNING: You must touch the flashing "return" button to validate the new name.

I don't find an answer to my question...

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