December, 2012 : Version 1.1 available

This version brings visual refinements plus a clear feedback when a gesture will indeed direct the character.

Overall the interaction is more fluid. The letters now walk around by themselves and it is so funny!

Finally, a welcome panel lets you quickly jump into the last game where you left off.

Please try this game again, the experience is truly transformed!


Inspired by the classic Pac-Man, our friendly Pac-Let must reorganize a word whose letters were scattered in a maze. Be careful to devour the letters in the right order! When you're stuck, you can eat a star to become invincible. It allows you to pass over bombs and other letters.

To direct Pac-Let, swipe your finger horizontally or vertically, in smooth movements, not too short (at least 2 boxes of white grid). No need to lift your finger or to touch the character; simply slide anywhere on the screen.

Pac-Let is an educational arcade game that will appeal to young children who are learning how to spell. Teens and adults will also have a good time trying to win the best scores and maximum of stars or testing their spelling in a second language.